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Objitec Web Sites

A warm welcome to our objitec web sites page. This page acts as a reminder of the sites that we manage as part of the Objitec company. They include…

This site, used for tracking metrics and other company related activities. The goal is for it to provide links to all company products and activities.

objitec home page

This is our main product page. It incorporates all the different business markets in which PlanIt-BookIt can be used in. Niche booking market pages will be linked to from this site.

laptop and coffee

This is a one pager site that we put together with an aim of hopefully cashing in on the keyword “online booking system”. We purchased .net as the .com version was extortionate!

online booking

This site is used to promote the latest product in our PlanIt-BookIt range called quite simply, Executive Car. This is a booking system specifically geared at the chauffeur business market. It was designed with guidance from two chauffeur business owners.

executive car web site



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