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Cloud Solutions

Delivering software that
simply works

Cloud Solutions

Delivering software that
simply works

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.

Bill Gates
Co Founder of Microsoft

Objitec Software Solutions

A team of developers and consultants that enable your business to do more. Specialists in re-engineering business processes to improve efficiency and your customer’s experience.


Experienced Team

A highly experienced team with many years of software development experience with organisations in both North America and the UK.

Subscription Pricing

Our off-the-shelf products are priced on a subscription basis. Having a monthly fee makes payments manageable.

Your System

Working with you to ensure the system built is your system. You have the business knowledge; our job is to fully understand and translate it into a system that works for you. 

In-house Development

Development is undertaken by ourselves, in-house. To ensure high standards of quality, we don’t farm out any of our development work to external overseas contractors.

Supporting You

Our goal is to help you work efficiently and make the best use of your time. From the first contact, we work with you to set up your system so that it meets your individual requirements. Once your system is live we will be on hand to guide and support you.

Free Business Analysis Service

We will personally work with you to ensure that your business processes work perfectly with your software system. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and welcome your feedback on any areas where we can do so.

We Take Pride In Our Code

Coding is our passion and we are proud of the products we create, with quality being at the forefront of all that we do.

Small Agile Teams

Our small, agile teams means we can respond quickly to your questions and requests. No bureaucracy like you might find in larger organisations.

Works on any smart device

All our software products are designed and built to work on any smart device that can run a modern-day browser. From smartphones through to tablets, laptops and desktop PCs.

Why Objitec?

We’re passionate about software and take great pride in the work that we produce, please scroll down to find out more…

Your Project

At Objitec we pride ourselves in our ability to automate manual or overly complex processes. Are there processes in your business that could do with a revamp? Whether it’s a spreadsheet system that’s now becoming overly complex or cumbersome to use or maybe you still have a manual process for managing your business orders we’d love to help.

Over our many years of working in the software industry, we’ve helped many businesses automate complex and/or inefficient processes. We create computer systems that fit with your business and your industry norms.

Whether it’s a standalone desktop computer system or a web-based application running in the cloud, give us a shout.

We can build your system to automatically resize to the smart device which it is being used on, or alternatively, we can build your system as an application for both Android and Apple devices.

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Objitec specialises in cloud-based software solutions.

We have five off-the-shelf SAAS (Software As A Service) products available.

  1. PlanIt-BookIt: an online court booking system, membership management, correspondence, and events system.
  2. Executive-Car: an online booking and management system for chauffeur businesses. 
  3. Cloud Costings: manages your customer base and keeps an inventory of raw materials and other expenses. Assign to products or jobs to calculate a total cost. Displays sales price or percentage gross profit. Enables scaling of components that have dimensions to automatically recalculates costs.
  4. Cloud Order Diary: manages your customer base and keeps track of orders. Reminds you to proactively contact customers who are due to place an order.
  5. Survey Central: Gather detailed information from your clients. The system can follow different routes of questions depending on the answers received to earlier questions.
  6. PubOrder: An online customer ordering business for pubs and bars. The customer places an order and pays, and the pub delivers the drinks and/or food to the table.
  7. LoveThis: a customer referral app.


Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you! Have you a software project that you’d like to start? Feel free to reach out to us. Don’t worry we won’t bite. Just share your software idea(s) and we’ll respond asking you the necessary questions to move forward. Email us below to get things started: