Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.

Bill Gates
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Objitec Ltd. Software Solutions In The Cloud

A warm welcome to Objitec Ltd. A software company founded in 2014 by three techies who collectively have over 75 years of IT experience!

Who Are We?

Andy Williams

Andy has vast small business experience having spent the last 25 years as managing director of Fourth Generation Solutions Ltd a small software company that specialises in bespoke software solutions for its client base. He is excellent at all things database related and we rely on him heavily for his vast stored procedure knowledge and experience. Andy lives in York, UK with his dog Daisy.

Steve Monteith

Steve is a software and all round technical expert, who also has strong small business experience. He has a track record of creating high quality, highly usable software and is excellent at producing technical solutions to complex problem domains. Steve lives in Scarborough, UK with his wife and two children.

Martin Gilliard

Prior to helping form Objitec Martin worked in various IT based roles for a number of large Corporate organisations in both North America and the UK. He received his MBA from Leeds Metropolitan University. Martin has a passion for software development and content marketing. He currently lives in Leeds, UK with his wife and son.

Why Objitec

We’re passionate about software and take great pride in the work that we produce, please scroll down to find out more…

A software development team with over 75 years of expertise

Our small team of Andy, Steve and Martin have collectively over 75 years of software development experience. Andy & Steve have been directors of fourth generation solutions since 1990. Prior to helping form Objitec Martin worked in various IT based roles for a few large Corporate organisations in both North America and the UK. He received his MBA from Leeds Metropolitan University.

Subscription pricing

All our products are priced on a subscription basis. Having a monthly fee makes payments manageable. There’s no initial outlay or set up costs. For entirely new systems we do ask for a 12-month commitment but other than that you are free to cancel at any time.

Your system

When building new systems, we work with you to ensure the system built is your system. You have the business knowledge; our job is to fully understand that knowledge and translate it into a system that works for you. We create prototypes so that you can get a feel for how the system will work and we build systems in a modular fashion. Not adding more functionality until you’re fully satisfied with the current module.

In-house development

All of our development work is undertaken by ourselves, in-house. To ensure high standards of quality, we don’t farm out any of our development work to external overseas contractors.

Supporting you

Our goal is to help you work efficiently and make best use of your precious time. From first contact we work with you to set up your system so that it meets your individual requirements. Once your system is live we will be on hand to guide and support you.

Free business analysis service

We will personally work with you to ensure that your business processes work perfectly with your software system. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve and welcome your feedback on any areas where we can do so.

We take pride in our code

Coding is our passion and we are proud of the products we create. Occasionally bugs do happen but when they do we work relentlessly to rectify.

Small agile team

Our small, agile team of three means we can respond quickly to clients’ questions and requests. No bureaucracy like you might find in larger organisations.

Works on any smart device

All our software products are designed and built to work on any smart device that can run a modern-day browser. From smartphones through to tablets, laptops or even desktop PC’s.

What Do We Do?

Objitec specialises in software in the cloud solutions. 

We have four off-the-shelf SAAS (Software As A Service) products available.

  1. PlanIt-BookIt an online booking system which can be tailored to practically any business which takes bookings.
  2. Executive-Car is an online booking and management system for the chauffeur business. Owners can accept or decline customer jobs. View driver availability and allocate jobs accordingly. Customers can book jobs and drivers can view and complete jobs that have been allocated to them as well as being able to specify their availability and other pertinent information.
  3. Cloud Costings – a system which enables you to manage your customer base and to keep an inventory of raw materials and optionally other expenses. These are assigned to a product, or job in order to provide a total cost. The system can calculate sales price or percentage gross profit and enables scaling of components that have dimensions. Products can be scaled down or up and the system automatically recalculates costs.
  4. Cloud Order Diary – Allows you to manage your customer base, keeps track of orders and reminds you to proactively contact customers who are due to place an order soon.

We also can assist you with your company or clubs website. Contact us for further details.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide highly usable, web-based software to small and medium-sized businesses at affordable monthly rates.


To eradicate inefficient small business processes through technological process improvement. 


  • Always act with integrity.
  • Improving customer processes and adding value is at the heart of everything that we do.
  • We take pride in delivering useful software solutions to business problem domains.
  • We stay current on technological advancement.
  • To be as responsive as we can to our customers.
  • We strive to be creative and challenge the status quo.


Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you! Have a software project that you’d like to start? Feel free to reach out to us. Don’t worry we won’t bite. Just share to us your software idea and we’ll respond asking you the necessary questions to move forward. Email us below to get things started:

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