Objitec Business Metrics & Progress Report November 2017

By Martin Gilliard

A warm welcome to the November 2017 business update. As usual… We make these reports public in case you would like to comment or have any advice you’d like to share with us. All comments are welcome at the end of the post.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

The following link is a reminder of the sites that we manage as part of the Objitec company.

Here is the Google Analytics report for November.

google analytics november 2017

Nice to see the PlanIt-BookIt marketing site continuing to trend upwards.


The following table shows our latest measurements.

CloudApp Traffic8799No complaints from customers
Objitec Traffic2313No effort, but lower than I would expect
One Pager Traffic810Small increase
PlanItAdmin Traffic239286Small increase
PlanIt-BookIt Traffic51561820% increase, not sure why, but not complaining!
PlanIt-BookIt App Traffic39863840Steady
Sign-up Page Traffic146Small drop
@planitbookit Tweets86 86No effort
@planitbookit Following76 76No effort
@planitbookit Followers75 74No effort
@objitec Tweets71 72This monthly report gets tweeted
@objitec Following25 25No effort
@objitec Followers27 27No effort
Comments across all sites0 0Need to add some quality articles
Customers1212Undertaking a couple of projects for 2 potential new clients
PlanIt-BookIt Facebook Likes1313Stable
Objitec Facebook Likes3068Another big jump, not sure why!


This month we gave the administrator the ability to cancel bookings including event bookings.


Booking Detail History Bug

We fixed a small bug in PlanIt-BookIt where if someone started entering booking details in the booking pop-up and then closed the pop-up the previous details would remain next time they opened the pop-up. Now they get cleared out so that they can start afresh.

iPhone 5 / 6 Auto Complete issues

After the latest Apple update to 11.1.1 and above we had some people complaining that the auto complete that usually displays member display names as people begin to type wasn’t working correctly.

We tried a number of things to fix this including trying to use the autocomplete solution provided by Pixabay We had high hopes that this would be the answer to all our problems. Unfortunately though it also had problems when we used it in our modal pop-up form.

So in the end we went back to our original bootstrap typeahead solution, but we modified the code a little so as to work better on iPhones. So far we’ve had no further complaints – so we’re pretty sure that this is now fixed.

PayPal Timeouts

Occasionally we have a situation where someone books something and then takes longer than 30 minutes to pay via PayPal. In these situations the payment is taken by PayPal but the booking is not marked as paid. In a similar situation, occasionally PayPal take a payment and then take longer than 30 minutes to inform us that about the payment.

In both situations the booking isn’t made and the customer ideally needs a PayPal refund. Both scenarios are not ideal and can’t really be resolved without us changing payment provider (something that we are looking into). So in the meantime we have provided our administrators with a screen where they can view any PayPal timeouts that have occurred.


This month we made PlanIt-BookIt fully secure by implementing SSL or Secure Sockets Layer which is a technology that encrypts data between the browser and the server. It means that web sites now show the lock symbol, similar to what you see when you do your home banking.

New Business

Still working on prototypes for an executive car hire company and a electrical vehicle charging point fitting company.